Floating Point Representation Tutorial with Examples in Binary Floating Point Representation A floating point number can be represented using two points. First is called mantissa (m) and other one is exponent (e). Thus, in a number system with base r, a floating point number with mantissa m and exponent eContinue Reading

Concept of Schedule in DBMS Tutorial Study Material Notes with Example Schedule A schedule (or history) is a model to describe execution of transactions running in the system. When multiple transactions are executing concurrently in an interleaved fashion, then the order of execution of operations from the various transactions isContinue Reading

Pipelining in Computer Architecture Tutorial Study Notes with Examples Pipelining Pipeline processing is an implementation technique, where arithmetic sub-operations or the phases of a computer instruction cycle overlap in execution. A pipeline can be visualized as a collection of processing segments through which information flows. The overlapping of computation isContinue Reading

Concurrency Control Techniques in DBMS Tutorial Notes with Examples Concurrency Control Process of managing simultaneous execution of transactions in a shared database, is known as concurrency control. Basically, concurrency control ensures that correct results for concurrent operations are generated, while getting those results as quickly as possible. Need of ConcurrencyContinue Reading

Fixed Point Representation Tutorial with Examples of Computer fixed Point Representation Because of computer hardware limitation everything including the sign of number  has to be represented either by 0’s or 1’s. So, for a positive number the leftmost bit or sign bit is always 0 and for a negative number the signContinue Reading

Machine Instructions in Computer Organization Study Notes with Examples Machine Instructions Computer Instruction A binary code used for specifying micro operations for computer. Instruction Code Group of bits used to instruct the CPU to perform an specific operation. Instruction Set: Collection of instructions. Instruction Representation: Each instruction has a unique bit pattern,Continue Reading

File Structures in DBMS Tutorial Study Material Notes with Examples File Structures File structure or organisation refers to the relationship Of the key of the record to the physical location of that record in the computer file.                                                                                 Disk Storage Databases must be stored physically as files of records, which areContinue Reading

Multiplexer Tutorial Study Material Notes with Examples Multiplexer Multiplexing means transmitting a largo number of information units over a smaller number of channels or lines. A digital multiplexer is a combinational circuit that selects binary information from one of many input line and directs it to the output line. TheContinue Reading

Number System in Switching Theory and Computer Architecture Notes Switching Theory And Computer Architecture Number System This basically means the presentation of number with limited number of symbols. The decimal number system is said to be of base or radix 10 because it uses ten digits (0-9) to represent anyContinue Reading