Indian Economy Notes Short Type Question Answer

 Indian Economy Notes Short Type Question Answer

 Indian Economy Notes Short Type Question Answer :- 


Indian Economy

Q. 1. What were the objectives of first five year plan?

Ans. First Five Year Plan (1951-56) : First five year plan was launched on 1st April, 1951. It continued till 31st March, 1956.

Objectives of Plan Follow : (a) TO rehabilitate Indian economy devastated by the efforts of second world war and partition Of country, (b) To solve food crisis, (c) To check, inflationary tendencies, (d) To build up administrative and other organisations needed for carrying out the programmes of development.

Q. 2. What were the objectives of third five year plan (1961-66)?

Ans. The objectives of third five year plane (1961-66) are :

(a) To secure a rise of over 5% per annum in national income (b) To achieve self sufficiency in food grains and to increase agricultural production (c) To expand basic industries and to establish machine making industries (d) To increase employment opportunities,


Q. 3. What was plan holiday?

Ans. During third plan, Chinese aggression in 1962 and Indo-Pak war in 1965 placed heavy defence burden upon the economy, Severe drought of 1965-66 and devaluation of rupee in 1966. Due to these conditions fourth plan could not be started on its due time, i.e., 1st April, 1966. It could start only on 1st April, 1969. This gap of 3 years was known as plan holiday. Three annual plans were introduced in these three years.

Q. 4. What were the objectives of fourth five year plan?

Ans. Fourth five year plan had two main objectives : Growth with stability and progressive achievement of self-reliance. Besides, this plan aimed to achieving social justice or equality and creating more employment opportunities.

Q. 5. What were the objectives of fifth five year plan?

Ans. Fifth plan was commenced with two broad objectives :

(a) Removal of poverty.

(b) Achievement of self-reliance.

Q. 6. What were the objectives of eighth five year plan?

Ans. The objectives of eighth five year plan are as follows :

(a) Generating employment to achieve near full employment by the turn of the century

(b) containing population growth (c) Universalisation of elementary education (d) Provision of safe ater and primary health care (e) Growth of agriculture (f) Strengthening infrastructure.

Q. 7. Give the objectives of eleventh five year plan,

Ans. The Eleventh Five Year Plan aims to achieVe improved quality of life for the citizens of the state and contribute to the larger national goals of socio-economic development. This will require
faster and more equitable social and economic development of the state.

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