Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions Answers Tutorial

Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions Answers Tutorial

Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions Answers Tutorial:-In  this  cyberpoint9 tutorial we are going to describe about the  Desktop Support Engineer and Server Engineer Interview Questions Answers  which is asked  in ethical hacking  cyber programming or in Desktop Support Engineer. And also we will describe that how can we crack interview of various examination  in ethical hacking and computer Science. When ever we want to learn any thing the things become more earlier is somebody/tutorial/study material taught us through Examples. Here we have tried to describe each and every concept of  Desktop Support Engineer and Server Engineer course with examples in the light of  best  Short tutorial using simple and best possible example. These examples are so simple that even a beginner who had never even heard about hacking and Cyber law or Desktop Support Engineer can easily learn and understand How  the  Desktop Support Engineer works in our today’s Technical Field. This is  the best  tutorial/Study Material  very beneficial for beginners  as well as Professional.

Interview Question

                                                               Part – 2

Question 1. What Is Dhcp And What It Is Used For?

DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. It is used to allocate IP addresses to a large number of the computer system in a network. It helps in managing the large number of IP’s very easily.

Question 2. What Is Scope And Super Scope?

Scope consists of an IP address like gateway IP, subnet mask, DNS server IP. It can be used to communicate with the other PCs in the network. The superscope becomes when you combine two or more scopes together.

Question 3. What Is Ipconfig Command?

IPCONFIG command is used to display the IP information of the computer assigned like DNS IP address and gateway IP address.

Question 4. What Would You Use To Connect Two Computers Without Using Switches?

Cross cables are used to connect two computers without using switches.

Question 5. What Is A Domain?

Domain is a set of computers which network recognized by the internet. It can be used by centrally administer computers. It is created when you install active directory.

Question 6. Tell Me If Your System Is Infected By A Virus How You Will Recover The Data?

You need to re-install another system, latest anti-virus software and an O.S with latest patches.  Before you start your system, connect the infected HDD as a secondary drive then scan and clean the infected hard drive. Once done, you can copy the files into the system.

Question 7. What Is The Operating System?

Operating system acts as an interpreter between computer application and hardware.  It works as an user interface.

Question 8. What Are The Types Of Operating System Or O.s?

The two types of operating systems are:

NOS : Network Operating System. Examples of NOS- Windows NT, 2000,2003

SOS : Simple Operating System. Examples of SOS – Windows 95,98, ME

Question 9. Explain About Ras Server?

RAS means Remote Access Server.  It allows operating the tool or information that typically resides on a network or IT devices through combination of hardware and software, for example connecting to printer or file.

It is usually used for mobile users who are in the network. It uses telephone line to provide connectivity to its users. It can also connect two or more than two offices in the network.

Question 10. Explain About Vpn Server?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is a private communications network often used by companies or organizations to communicate confidentially over a public network.  This is used by the mobile users in the network.

Question 11. What Is The Difference Between Ras And Vpn Server?

RAS is truly a local area connection between two connections whereas, VPN is a local connection spread over large area.

Question 12. What Is Ias Server?

IAS means Internet Authentication Service. For many types of network access like wireless, authenticating switch and remote access dial-up they perform accounting and auditing, centralized connection authentication and authorization.

Question 13. A User In A Corporate Network Contacts Service Desk Saying He/she Has Lost Network Connectivity: How Will You Troubleshoot The Issue? What Are The Steps To Followed?

  1. Check the cable if it is connected to the workstation/ notebook and if it is receiving signal from the switch.
    2. Check using the command “ipconfig” to confirm the IP range that the user’s machine is in if it is using APIPA address, This will mean the machine can not reach the DHCP server and if the user has an assigned static address try pinging the gateway, DNS,Proxy Server or one of the Domain Controllers.
    3. If all pinged replies successfully check to see the proxy settings through Lan Settings on your Browser.
    4. Depending on the structure of your corporate network you might need to check the mac address (of the user’s workstation) on the cisco switches (if used) to find out which VLan is it in and move it to the correct VLan.

Question14. What Do You Mean By Clustering? What Are The Benefits?

When one or more computers work together as a single system by sharing their resources is known as clustering.

The benefits of clustering are that it reduces the load on one single system by sharing the load also it is used for redundancy of the services.

Question15. What Is A Group?

Group is a collection of the user account. It provides the simplified administration in the network.

Question16. What Is A Child Domain?

A child domain is the member domain of Windows 2000 Active Directory.

Question17. What Are The Benefits Of A Child Domain?

Benefits of child domain are:

Low network traffic

Low administrative overhead

Security boundary

Question18. What Is Ou?

OU means for Organizational Unit. It is a container within Active Directory which can hold users, groups and computers.  It is the smallest unit on which administrator can assign group policy settings.

Question19. Explain Group Policy?

Group policy provides the stream line access to all the users in the network, it can be used to define the users security and networking policies.  By group policy you can keep control over certain function like not allowing the users to shut down the system or using the control panel or running the command. Group policy is applicable on active directory container like OU, site and Domain.

Question20. What Is The Difference Between Permission, Rights And Policy?

“Policy” is assigned on active directory, like site, domain and OU. The “Rights” are assign to users and groups, whereas, the “Permission” is assigned for network resources like file, folders and printers.

Question21. What Is Dc And Adc Stands For?

DC stands for domain controller and ADC stands for additional domain controller.

ADC is a backup of domain controller. Domain controller is a server that checks the security measures like user id, password.

Question22. What Is The Difference Between Dc (domain Controller) And Adc ( Additional Domain Controller)?

There is one difference between domain controller and additional domain controller, on DC all five operational roles are available while in ADC only three operational role is available.

Question23. What Are The Operational Roles For Dc (domain Controller) And Adc ( Additional Domain Controller)?

Operational roles for DC (Domain controller) are:

Domain Naming Master

Schema Master

RID Master

PDC Emulator

Infrastructure Master

Operational roles for ADC (Additional Domain Controller) are:

PDC Emulator

RID Master

Infrastructure Master

Question28. What Is A “default Gateway”?

Default gateway is the IP address of the router in the network.  In any case, if the users wants to switch on to another network, or if they cannot locate their particular network than their query will be forwarded to default gateway.

Question29. How You Can Take Backup Of Emails In Ms Outlook?

To take a back-up in the ms outlook, you have to go in control panel. In control panel you have to go under mail option and then open the data file, select personal folder and click on open folder. After that, you have to copy .pst and have to paste it wherever you want the backup.

Question30. What Is Trusting Domain And Trusted Domain?

In trusting domain resources are available, while in trusted domain user’s account is available.

Question31. What Is Bus Speed?

The rate of communication speed between microprocessor and RAM is known as BUS speed.

Question32. Name The Active Directory Partitions?

There are three types of active directory partitions

Schema partition

Configuration partition

Domain partition

Question33. What Is Fixboot?

Fixboot write a new partition boot sector on to the system partition.

Question34. How Many Logical Drive Is It Possible To Fit On To A Physical Disk?

The maximum number of the logical drive that can fit on a physical disk is 24, while the extended partition can only have 23 logical drives.

Question35. What Is B Router?

B router means Bridge router. To provide communication between two or more different network like computer to computer or computer to internet, B Router is used.

Question36. What Is The Major Difference You Can Mention About Gateway And Router?

Gateway works on different network architecture and router works on same network architecture.

Question37. What Is Packet?

A packet is a logical grouping of information that comprises a header which contains user data and location information.

Question38. What Is Scsi?

SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface. It is a standard electronic interface that allows personal computers to communicate with peripheral hardware such as disk drives, tape drives, printers, CD-ROM drives. In “SCSI” the rate of data transmission is fast.

Question39. How Many Classes Are There For “ip Addresses” And What Are The Ranges?

They are segregated into five classes

Class A  ====  0 -126 ( 127 is reserved for loop back)

Class B  ====  128- 191

Class C  ====  192-223

Class D  ====  224-239

Class E  ====  240-255

Question40. Explain The Term Fixmbr?

FIXMBR it is a repair tool. It repairs the Master boot record of the Partition Boot Sector.

Question41. Explain The Term Sid?

SID stands for Security Identifier. Every computer object has a unique ID which is known as SID.

Question42. What Is The Difference Between Incremental Backup And Differential Backup?

Differential backups will select only files that are changed since the last backup.

Incremental backups will select only the data that has changed since the last backup.

Example, On Sunday you do a backup of a 5 text file each of 40 MB. Total backup size will be 200MB

On Monday you change 2 lines in just ONE of the text file.

Under Differential backup, only the changed text file will be backed up. Total backup size will be 40MB

Under Incremental backup, only the data corresponding to the 2 lines will be backed up.  Total backup size will be just in bytes.

Question43. What Is The Difference Between Server Os And Desktop Os?

Server OS gives centralized administration for users, shared resources and security while desktop OS gives access to only local administration.

Question44. What Is The Difference Between The Msi File And .exe File?

MSI (Microsoft Installer) allows install, uninstall and repair the program with a single file, while .EXE file needs two files to install and uninstall the software. Also,.EXE file is able to detect the existing version of the software and give option to user to uninstall the program while MSI will instruct the users to use the add and remove program in control panel to remove the existing product first and then you can install the new program.

Question45. What Is Bsod? How Do You Troubleshoot It?

BSOD stands for blue screen of death. When there is some fault in OS or hardware then Windows can’t run the program and gives a blue screen with a code. To resolve this problem the best way is to reboot the system.  If it doesn’t work than boot the system in the safe mode.

Question46. What Is Ptr (program Troube Record) Record?

This program record is used to check if the server name is connected with the IP address, it is exactly opposite to the ‘A’ record. This record is basically created in reverse lookup zone, so it is also known as Reverse DNS records or pointer record.

PTR record= Give me an IP address and I will give you the name

‘A’ record= Give me the name and I will give you the IP address

Question47. What Is Reservation?

Basically the term “Reservation” is used in DHCP server. Some network equipment or computer system needs a specific IP address, in such case we make a reservation in DHCP server for that particular computer system.  By creating reservation it gives access to that particular IP address and at the same time prevents other computer system to use that IP address.

Question48. What Is Smtp Server Or Pop Server?

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. It is basically used for sending and receiving the mail, whereas, POP stands for post office protocol it is used for mail receiving purpose in the network.

Question49. What Is Ris And Why You Use Ris?

RIS stands for remote installation services. It is used to install image from a Window server to a new hardware. We use RIS because installing OS every time using a CD would be more time consuming.

Question50. What Is “bootloader”?

Bootloader facilitates the loading of operating system on the system. It enables the booting process and gives OS option to the users while starting the system.

Question51. What Is Blue Screen? What Would You Do If Your Pc Turns Into Blue Screen?

major problem is RAM first check with ram then go to safe mode scan your PC by using antivirus at the same time update drivers it should be mother board supported drivers or else use recommended software.

Question52. How To Hard Disk Dynamic?

goto run then type diskmgmt.msc after that you need to select hardisk then right click on it now you can convert it into basic disk to dynamic disk.

note: you should be login with administrator account.

Question53. Explain How To Write A System Service File In Windows?

With Windows File Protection active, replacing or deleting a system file that has no file lock to prevent it getting overwritten causes Windows immediately and silently to restore the original copy of the file. The original version of the file is restored from a cached folder which contains backup copies of these files.

Question54. What Is The Technical Difference Between Desktop Support & Help Desk?

The difference between desktop support and helpdesk are the following:

  1. Desktop support is the one doing the troubleshooting on hand.
  2. Helpdesk support is the one receiving the call and troubleshoot it remotely.

Question55. How To Make Desktop Icons Appear Larger?

Right click on desktop. Go to properties and then click on appearance tab. Then further click on effects tab. A window will open. Select the use large option. Then click on apply OK. Thats it.

Question56. What Is Tft?

TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display) is a variant of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which uses Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) technology to improve image quality.

TFT LCD is one type of active matrix LCD, though it is usually synonymous with LCD. It is used in both flat panel displays and projectors. In computing, TFT monitors are rapidly displacing competing CRT technology, and are commonly available in sizes from 12 to 30 inches.

Question57. What Is Lcd?

A liquid crystal display (commonly abbreviated LCD) is a thin, flat display device made up of any number of color or monochrome pixels arrayed in front of a light source or reflector.

It is prized by engineers because it uses very small amounts of electric power, and is therefore suitable for use in battery-powered electronic devices.

Question58. What Is The Ip Range In Networking Side? How Do We Troubleshoot Outlook? How Do We Configure Ldap On Outlook?

I am hoping I am submitting the correct answer. IP range in networking side is related to DHCP and Address pools. Ex: to -> Can be defined as address range allowed to distribute and to are restricted to distribute to client computers.

LDAP on outlook can be configured through Tools menu->Account settings-Address books-Select new address book->Select LDAP address book->in next window add server details.

Question59. How To Make The Desktop Icons Smaller Or Lager?

This is very simple on you main desktop just right click the mouse button in a blank space, then scroll down and click properties. You are at the display settings menu on the top bar you will see a tab that reads appearance, click on this tab.

Once you are at the appearance tab click the advanced button (it should be in the lower right corner) once you are at the advanced window, you will see a scroll down menu that has desktop displayed, click on this and scroll down to icons, now simply raise the font of the icon size and the icons will become larger, to raise the font of the text there is a bar underneath that, it will list the format the text is displayed in, to the right of that will be the size, you can also bold the text with the bold button on the right side of this bar.

Question60. If You Have Client In A Different Location And Want To Access That Client From Server, What Is The Best Way To Access That Client From Server?

if systems are on different servers then When we will us MSTSC (Remote Desktop Connection) to access system in different location then from the client system we will Remote Access to the Server and from Server we will Remotely Access the other location’s Server and from that server we will access the clients of that location.

Its the most reliable way. And if you have Internet access in network then you can use third party Remote Access Applications like TeamViewer. IN TeamViewer you can access any system directly through internet.

Question61. How Will You Install Operating System In More Than 50 Pc At A Time When The All Pcs Having Same Configuration?

First I install OS in one machine & default software if required than i will create one Ghost Image of that machine than I will make 49 copies of that Ghost Image DVD & run on all ramain PC, but for this you should be have ghost software & knowledge of ghost( how to make Ghost bootable DVD/CD & how to use that ) this is a 1 solution another is given below –

Installing over Network:

Here You have to build one distribution server & copy OS’s i386 on Distribution Server & install the network client – this software allows the target computer to connect to distribution server .

The setup programmed copies installation files to target computer & creates set up boot disk. After setup copy installation files you start the installation from set up boot disk.

Question62. How To Install A Pre Existing Printer On A Users Desktop?

Go to control panel and then go to add hardware wizard After that read all the options carefully. When system requires software for that, insert the software CD otherwise system will install automatically. Restart the system.

Question63. How To Go Straight To Your Desktop When You Reboot Rather Than Having To Login Every Time You Reboot Or Turn On Your Computer On?

First you right click on computer and then click on manage. at that time a window appear. Then go to local users and groups. Then the total users will appear. Then right click on user name what u r enter to in. click set password. Just click ok. Next time on words you will be taken directly to desktop without enter password.

Question64. How To Tell If The Print Spool In Running And Where Is It Located? Where Does It Store Spooled Print Jobs?

Print spooler is very important service in windows to use printer to print document on local printer or on network printer if this service stop by any reason printer not working on that pc so need to be start that service if print show print fails message .

And also if u r share any printer on win xp machine and trying to install it on another win7 pc many times it stop working while installing printer in shared network.

Question65. What Is Firewire Port? What Are Its Uses?

Firewire port is a form of Serial Port that make use of FireWire Technology to transfer data rapidly from one electronic device to another.

FireWire port has the ability to interact with a number of different devices. For example FireWire can provide an ideal way to connect a scanner with computer system. Because transfer rate in Fire Wire port can reach up to 400Mbps, the data transfer is relatively fast and also result in excellent quality.

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Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions Answers Tutorial
Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions Answers Tutorial

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