BBA 2nd Year Individual Behaviour Notes

BBA 2nd Year Individual Behaviour Notes

BBA 2nd Year Individual Behaviour Notes :- 

BBA 2nd Year Individual Behaviour NotesBBA 2nd Year Individual Behaviour Notes
BBA 2nd Year Individual Behaviour Notes

Introduction of Individual Behaviour

individuals come to work in the organisation and get integrated as per the roles they occupy in the organisation. therefore they require separate attention. Individuals do not work in isolation. for most of the task people work in team. Therefore a big amount of attention is given to needs of individual, formation of teams, their dynamics and different ways to make them more effective. our understanding of human dynamics has thus become very complex as well as crucial.

Concept of Behaviour (BBA 2nd Year notes)

bba 2nd year concept of Behaviour
bba 2nd year concept of Behaviour

Though different behavioural sciences have defined behaviour differently it simply means a response to a certain stimuli which is observable and measurable activity of human beings is know as overt behaviour. It consists of activities such as decision making, physical processes like working on machines etc. and the activities which non observable and immeasurable are know as covert behaviour. It consist of feelings, perception etc. Covert behaviour is responsible for shaping and influencing overt behaviour. therefore, understanding of total behaviour is important.


There are four basic assumptions about human beings which are foundation of organisational behaviour. These are :

  1. Individual differences
  2. The whole person
  3. Causation of behaviour
  4. Human dignity

Determinants of Human Behaviour

The nature of human behaviour is complex and in understanding the behaviour of people they should be studied in their totality by taking a total man concept. This concept emphasizes that man has a combination of different factors affecting his behaviour. The human behaviour in an organisation is what a person does, how he acts, how he reacts, how he relates himself to others in the organisation. The behaviour process involves analysis of environment factors, individual dimensions of behaviour, physical and job variables like method of work design of work, inter group dimensions like leadership motivation, reward system, etc that effects human behaviour.

There are various factors which determine individual behaviour. They are as follows :

BBA 2nd Year Individual Behaviour Notes
BBA 2nd Year Individual Behaviour Notes
  1. Personal Factors : They are categorized into biographical factors and learned characteristics.
    1. Age : The relationship between age and performance is an important issue affecting performance psychologically younger people are expected to be more energetic, innovative, ambitious and risk taking whereas older people are supposed to be conservative and have their own ways and less adaptable. The employee turnover is high among younger employees rather than old employees which are more stabilized as young people are like to change jobs to avail better opportunities but as they grow old the chance of quitting the job is quite less.
    2. Gender : Research has proved that there may be few but important differences between males and females which affect their job performance. there are certain characteristics like problem solving ability skill, leadership, learning ability. There appears to be hardly any male and female differences but there are certain other areas like turnover and absenteeism where male and female respond differently. As tendency to abstain from work willing to confirm to authority whereas men are more aggressive. Also turnover rate more in female employee and had to quit their jobs and change into part time jobs to look after their children and other family responsibilitities.

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