Overview of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Law with Examples

Overview of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Law with Examples

Overview of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Law with Examples:-In  this  cyberpointsolution tutorial we are going to describe about the  concept of ethical hacking cyber programming. And also we will describe that how can we use ethical hacking for our safety.This is the free ethical hacking tutorials: course for Beginners  And why we  use  ethical hacking  to make  more interactive and  secure for our daily life. Best Online Tutorial for ethical hacking.When ever we want to learn any thing the things become more earlier is somebody/tutorial/study material taught us through Examples. Here we have tried to describe each and every concept of  Ethickal and Cyber Security   in the light of cyberpointsolution.com  best Hindi  Short tutorial using simple and best possible example. These examples are so simple that even a beginner who had never even heard about hacking and Cyber law can easily learn and understand How  the  Ethical Hacking works in our today’s Technical Field. This is  the best  tutorial/Study Material  very beneficial for beginners  as well as Professional. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course:Beginner to Advanced for Every One!

Overview of Cyber Law in India

Ethical hacking
Cyber Laws

In Indian law, cyber crime has to be Voluntary and willful, An act or omission that adversely affects a person or property. The IT Act provides the backbone for e-commerce and India’s approach has been to look at e-commerce   and India’s approach has been to look at e-governance and e-commerce primarily from the  promotional aspects looking at the vast opportunities and the need to  sensitize the population to the possibilities of the information age. There is the need to take in to consideration the security aspects.

In the person global situation where cyber control mechanisms are important  we need to push cyber laws.Cyber Crimes are a new class of crimes to India rapidly expanding due to extensive use of internet. Getting the right lead and making the right lead and making the right interpretation are very important in  solving a cyber crime. The 7 stage Continuum of a criminal case starts from  perpetration to registration to reporting, investigation,prosecution,adjudication
and execution. The System can not to be stronger than the weakest link in the chain. In India, there are 30 million policemen to train apart from 12,000 strong Judiciary.

Police in India, are trying to become cyber crime savvy and hiring people who are trained in the area. Many Police Stations in Delhi have computers which will be soon connected to the Head Quarters. Cyber Police Stations are functioning in major Cities all over the Country.The Pace of the investigations can become faster; judicial sensitivity and knowledge.

HACKING :  Practice to access any system in this world after that it depends on the hacker what they will do.


1. BLACK HAT HACKERS : They are basically those people who wants just to gain wealth and destruction by doing hacking.
Eg. Shadow Brokers, The Lizzared Group etc.

2. WHITE HAT HACKERS : They are those people who hack for the sake of society, and with permission of Organizations so that they can secure themselves.
Eg. Rahul Tyagi, Edward Snowden, Jullian Assange, Karan Singhania etc.

3. GREY HAT HACKERS : They works for society and religion.
Eg. Anonymous



1. SCRIPT KIDDIES : They are basically those people who just copy the original creators source codes and then try to feel others that they are created that. They don’t know the technicality of the things.

2. CRACKERS : These are those people who knows how to bypass the authentication checks via permutations and combinations.

3. NOOBZ : These are those people who just arrived into the field of HACKING and they dont know the technical aspects.



CONFIDENTIALITY : Every specific confidential data should be kept private and safe from the hand of others.

INTEGRITY : There should be no dis-manipulation and altering of sensitive data should be done.

AVAILABILITY : The sensitive data should be available to some specific people with the help of access control checks.



2. HEALTH INFORMATION : lic, policy numbers, diseases etc.
3. FINANCIAL INFO : Bank Account Numbers, Financial Details etc.


two acts : IT ACT 2000,

===========For Cyber Security Domain, there are some acts which are called IT Acts, These acts are for preventing any malicious person black hat hacker to gain access of any system.

The first act was launched and appreciated was IT ACT 2000. Which was having very less acts for the cyber crimes which are being reported in the constitution. After a new act was launched IT AMENDMENT ACT 2008.

Section 43 / 43 A- Losses and damages which a person bear due to the harm of any computer.
Imprisonment – 1 year and fine is of 2,00,000. or both

Section 65 – It covers up the losses and damage of tampering and misusing of any source code.
Improsnment – 3 Years and fine for 5 lAC inr. or both

Section 66 – Covers up all the Hacking Activities.
Section 66 A – If a person illegally hacks and gain access into a machine he/she will be arrested. Imprisonment – 3 Years fine is of 1 Lac INR. or both
Section 66 C – Identity Theft Crimes done by any individual. Imprisonment – 3 Years Fine 1 Lac INR.
Section 66 F – Covers up all the activities which follows up with Cyber Terrorist.
Life Imprisonment, Fine of 10 Lac INR.

Section 67 – Covers up all the activities having providing and leading obscene material and adult materials in a public domain.
Imprisonment is for 5 Years fine upto 5 Lac INR or both.

Section 70 – Covers up all the activities having misleading and gaining access into Government Restricted Areas.
Imprisonment is for 5 Years and fine is for 2 LAC or both.

Section 71 – It covers up all the Misrepresentation facts comes along with Identity, Data and other factors.
Imprisonment for this is 2 Years, with fine of 1 LAC INR.

Section 72 – Breaches of CIA Triad.
Imprisonment of 10 Years.

Section 73 – Covers up all the practices covers and come along with Misleading of Digital Certificates and Signatures.
Imprisonment of 2 Years, Fine 1 Lac

Overview of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Law with Examples
Overview of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Law with Examples

Overview of Network Technology in Ethical Hacking With Examples

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