BBA Bookkeeping Basic Accounting Previous Year Question Paper 2015

BBA Bookkeeping Basic Accounting Previous Year Question Paper 2015

BBA Bookkeeping Basic Accounting Previous Year Question Paper 2015 :- Today our team presented BBA bookkeeping and basic accounting’s previous year question paper for you practise. and special links related to the bba bookkeping and all subject question paper and study material. we provided mock paper, question paper, simple paper, unsold paper last five year question paper.  If we talk about BBA then Bookkeeping and Accounting is one of the most important Topic. Bookkeeping is common to all semesters Here we are presenting BBA Bookkeeping and Accounting Study Material and Notes for all Semesters. BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Bookkeeping and Accounting notes study material in this website most important chapter and Question paper BBA notes in this page more links to BBA notes and study material and question paper mock paper. bba in accounting and finance is an undergraduate commerce course. BBA study in bookkeeping and accounting, financial planning, economics, business organisation and other similar areas of operation in any business organisation. full bba course three year degree course consists of Six semesters. the basic eligibility criterion for bba dgree is qualifying 10+2 or equivalent examination in any stream from a recognized board of the country.Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting programs combine the fundamentals of a business program with concentrated coursework in accounting. Find out what these programs entail and what students do after graduation.bba subject bookkeeping and accounting chapter wise notes study material, question paper, mock paper, sample paper, in this website study point to bba notes.

BBA Bookkeeping Basic Accounting Previous Year Question Paper 2015
BBA Bookkeeping Basic Accounting Previous Year Question Paper 2015



Bookkeeping and Basic Account

[BBA-104 (N)]

Time : Three Hours ]                                                                                          [Maximum Marks : 75

Note : Attempt all the section as per instructions.


(Very Short Answer Questions)

Note : Attempt all the five questions. Each question carries 3 marks. Very short answer is required not exceeding 75 words.

  1. What are the objective of financial Accounting ?
  2. What is a trial balance ?
  3. Distinguish between fixed assets and current assets.
  4. Define journal. Why is it necessary?
  5. Differential between equity shares and debentures.


(Short Answer Questions)

Note : Attempt any two question out of the following three questions. Each question carries 7.5 marks. Short answer is required not exceeding 200 words.

  1. What are the types of accounts? Explain with illustrations.
  2. State the Meaning of the following :
  • Minimum subscription.
  • Forfeited shares.
  • Reissue of shares.
  1. What are the method for providing depreciation? Give the merits of each method.


(Detailed Answer Questions)

Note : Attempt any three questions not of the following five questions. Each question carries  15 marks. Answer is required in detail.

  1. What do you understand by the term ‘Bookkeeping’? what are the advantages of Bookkeeping?
  2. What is bank reconciliation ? why is it Important to prepare the bank reconciliation statement ?
  3. From the trial balance of arora & co. prepare Trading Account, profit and loss A/C for 2010 and balance sheet as on 31 on Dec. 2010 :

Cr. Balances :                                                                        ₹

Capital                                                                                 10,000

Creditors                                                                             1,200

Returns outwards                                                             500

Sales                                                                                    16,400

Bill payable                                                                        500

Plant and machinery                                                       4,000

Sundry debtors                                                                 2,400

Drawings                                                                            1,000

Dr. Balance :                                                                       ₹

Returns inwards                                                               400

Purchase                                                                             10,500

Wages                                                                                 5,000

Bank                                                                                    1,000

Repairs                                                                                50

Stock(01-01-2010)                                                            2,000

Rent                                                                                     400

Manufacturing expenses                                                 800

Trade expenses                                                                 700

Bad debts                                                                            200

Carriage                                                                              150

The closing stock was valued at ₹,450. Provide for depreciation on plant and machinery ₹ 400 and allow 5% interest in capital ₹ 40 is due for repairs.

  1. Deepak draws a bill for ₹2,000 on Gopal on 15th 2011 for three months. On maturity, Gopal failed to honour the bill. Pass the necessary journal entries in the books of Deepak (I) if he had retained the bill with him till maturity : (ii) if he had endorsed the bill to ram on 14th october : and (iii) if he had discounted the bill with his bank at 5% p.a on 15th September, 2011
  2. Super Ltd. Acquired land costing ₹ 10,00,000 and in payment allotted 1,000 equity :shares of ₹ 100 each as fully paid further the company issued 4,000 equity shares to the public. The shares were payable as follows :

On application                                                    ₹30:

On attotment                                                       ₹30:

On first and final call                                        ₹40:

The public applied for all shares which were allotted. All money were received except the call on 200 shares. Give journal entries and the balance sheet to the company.

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