BBA 1st Semester Notes Importance Nature Elements of Direction

BBA 1st Semester Notes Importance Nature Elements of Direction


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BBA 1st Semester Notes Importance Nature Elements of Direction
BBA 1st Semester Notes Importance Nature Elements of Direction

Elements of Direction (BBA Management Notes)

Direction is a continuous process involving the following elements :

  1. Communication : the manager issues order and instruction to their subordinates to get work done from them. He ensure that the subordinates understand his instructions. Besides this the manager has also to provide valuable information as to how to perform their jobs.
  2. Leadership : by performing this function, the manager guides and influences the work of the subordinates in the desired direction.
  3. Motivation : Motivation means inspiring the subordinates with a zeal to work for the accomplishment of organisational objectives. The manager should motivate the subordinates to work for the achievement of organisational goals. Various kinds of incentives may be used to motivate the workers.
  4. Supervision : Every manager supervises his subordinates. The manger sees the performance to ensure productivity and quality, avoid wastage of time and effort.

Importance of Direction (BBA Business Management Notes)

Direction has been called the essence of management. It is an important function of every manger. This is because of the following benefits :

  1. Organisation Goals are Achieved : Direction is the function of guiding of every subordinates to work towards the accomplishment of organisational objectives. The workers in the organisation have to be directed what, how and when they should do. This will direct their energies towards the goals of the organisation.
  2. Efficiency is Ensured : The direction function involves training and guiding of the subordinates and also their supervision. This enhances their efficiency.
  3. Action is Initialed : All the activities of any enterprise are initiated when the direction functionis performed. Planning and organisation are preparatory function. It is the direction function that initiates actions.
  4. Better Human Relations are Achieved : Directing deals with the human factor, so it is a very delicate function, in order to achieve the cooperation of workers, it is essential to understand their nature and needs. Financial and non-financial incentives may be provided to the workers to satisfy their needs.


BBA 1st Semester Notes Importance Nature Elements of Direction
BBA 1st Semester Notes Importance Nature Elements of Direction

Coordination has been viewed by different management experts in different ways. Henry Fayol consider coordination as a function of a manger. The modern authors view coordination as the essence of management.

Sir Henry Fayol emphasized the significance of co-ordination for the smooth working of an enterprise.

He defined as follows :

Co-ordination harmonises, synchronises and unifies individual efforts for better action and for the achievement of the business objectives.”

Every business enterprise is divided into a number of departments and each department has number of groups and individual, synchronisation of the efforts of all the groups and individual is necessary. Thus, co-ordination is the orderly synchronization of the efforts of the subordinates for the achievement of the goals of the organisation.

Nature of co-ordination

BBA 1st Semester Notes Importance Nature Elements of Direction

Co-ordination has the following features :

  1. Co-ordination is a managerial activity. Every manger has to take deliberate action to achieve co-ordination. In other words, coordination does not occur automatically.
  2. It is an orderly arrangement of the effort of all individuals and groups working in the organisation. It leads to integration of all activities in the organisation.
  3. Its purpose is to secure unity of action toward the common objectives. There is concerted action by all the departments as in the case of a musical orchestra to produce the desired effect.
  4. It is a continuous process. The need of coordination is always felt so long as the organisation is engaged in productive operation.
  5. Co-ordination is needed at all levels of management. It is to be achieved by all managers at all levels and not by the top management only.
  6. Co-ordination is the essence of managing. Each of the function of management is exercised in managing. Thus, the performance of planning, organisation, staffing, directing and controlling leads to co-ordination.

Difference between co-ordination and co-operation

(BBA Study Material of Management)




1.       Definition Co-ordination is a deliberate effort by a manager. Co-operation is voluntary attitude of organisation members.


2.       Purpose It is an orderly arrangement of group efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit of common objectives.


It denotes collective efforts of the groups contributed voluntarily to accomplish common objective.
3.       Essential It is essential where a group of people work together for a common purpose. It is voluntary in nature. It arises out of the desire of the people to work together.


4.       Relations It is achieved through both formal and informal relations.


Co-operation arises out of informal relations.
5.       Result Co-ordination seeks whole hearted support of employees and department.


Co-operation without co-ordination is fruitless.

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