What is Network Marketing and How does It Work

What is Network Marketing and How does It Work

What is Network Marketing and How does It Work:-In  this  cyberpointsolution tutorial we are going to describe about the  concept of Network Marketing and How does it work in today’s era. And also we will describe about E-commerce network how can we use network marketing  for our growth and our business. This is the short note on network marketing tutorials: course for Beginners as wells as professionals And what exactly networking marketing is  and network marketing strategy to make  more interactive and  secure for our daily life. Best Online Tutorial for Network Marketing Direct Selling and Multi level marketing or MLM .When ever we want to learn any thing the things become more earlier is somebody/tutorial/study material taught us through real life Examples of Networking marketing and MLM OR DIRECT SELLING. Here we have tried to describe each and every Definition of Network Marketing and networking market company network marketing in hindi network marketing jobs   in the light of cyberpointsolution.com  best Hindi  Short tutorial using simple and best possible example of network marketing . These examples are so simple that even a beginner who had never even heard about What is Network Marketing and How does It Work Direct Selling and MLM can easily learn and understand How  the  networking market company works and Explanation of network marketing future in our today’s Technical Field. This is  the best  tutorial/Study Material  very beneficial for beginners  as well as Professional. The Complete Guide Network Marketing Direct Selling and Multi level marketing or MLM.

In this current Era, where unemployment is on its boom, there is an opportunity in direct selling. Now a day , network marketing is a biggest rescue in unemployment. So lets take a look and read in more detail.

Definition Of Network Marketing

Network marketing is basically  a market plan to sale products through a network without any middleman or directly to consumer. This market plan can vary according to company ,that means different companies have different products and market plan. When it grows from any individual to form a network and a product will be sold through this network , that marketing is called  network  marketing.

It have many more names like Direct Selling, MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and many more.

What  is  Direct Selling ?

Its exactly likes its name. when a manufacturer sold their products directly to the consumer , it is called direct selling.

These sales are happen due to the consumer of the companies, the consumer recommend the product in his/her network makes a sales then it is called direct selling is happen. In this particular sales field , if you sell product through it and in your network ,its like you starting your own business.

Advantage of Direct Selling

  • In direct selling , the consumer which recommend you the product is already using it so can understand that the product quality is absolutely good.
  • Since you get the product directly through manufacturer so you get  it on very low price , as there is no distributor and retailer between you and manufacturer.
  • If you make it happen, you become a distributor yourself of that company or own a franchise that is why you can make sales in your network and go through it.

What is Network ?

Network is group of people to your surroundings or which you interact in your daily life. Those people makes a network around you through which you can propagate your views and vision to them.

In direct selling or network marketing , it can`t be in limit. Because every person have its own network that means network within network and you go through it it makes you brighter than your past.

What is Network Marketing and How its works ?

As I mentioned above that it’s a business and this business starts just in two easy steps and just after it you become an admin of your network which turns you into a great leader or in a very dynamic personality.

These two steps are :-

  1. You become of a consumer of the brand to represent yourself as a brand ambassador of the company.
  2. You have to recommend and sell the product to make your network or fan-base.

After going through this process you can establish a base of your network and be able to make a sale.

In a very simple manner we can say that it is a business of recommendation. Because you recommend the product in your network and you get some commission for it. Remember when  you do not know about it and you recommend someone , you do not get any types of commission or payment for it but after becoming a brand ambassador you get your commission on every sale happen in your network.

Now a days , network marketing is like a self operated business .After being a member or brand ambassador of the marketing company then you can develop this business as you own a franchise of that company and you will like a leader. You can maintain your network or your member who work under you through social media and personal meeting and also through seminar organised by company. Different company have different compensation plan and percentage distribution plan in a different way. Every Company have their self made marketing plan and payment system which may be vary from company to company. But the basic payment plan is that the company will give you some commission/compensation/percentage on every sale in your network. Sale is count in your network so can sell in bulk and this is why any body can earn a heavy amount of money in a short period of time.

 Mainly , there are two kind of MLM are conducting, so let me help you decide the right one because ,may be it is fake or may be closed in future.

  1. Network Marketing
  2. Pnozi Scheme

Let`s  have a look in detail—–

Network Marketing:- what exactly networking marketing is and their strategy

Network marketing is a network based sales management industry in which payment and commission is based on the sales made by a network. Its depends on whole turnover of the company. It is a long term or lifetime plan in which payment is depend upon sales not on investment. And the big thing is that , In Network Marketing product is promoted according to their sales and reliability, because consumer is the one, who suggest you for this. these companies also provide a lot of incentives and rewards to their ambassador. These types of companies are authorized by Ministry of Consumer Affairs of India.

What is Ponzi Scheme

It is an investment based scheme in which payment or commission is based on investment made by you and your entire team. It’s a short time plan and does not contain security of stability and transparency in his plan. It works on the different types of investment and on many different investment you got payment in many stage. You may earn money from ponzi scheme but can loose it because its only based on investment, it  does not promote or sale product. Indirectly it does have any future .

You should think about that the companies which based on investment will only make money. And if a company will sales their product , they promote their product by using different scheme and policies. Marketing of any thing is based on the quality and quantity of product not on the investment and commission.

So I will request you that be aware of such type of ponzi scheme because when you start it you look very happy because you have positive thinking about it and you do not see reality behind it. The reality is that in starting it gain money for you, you feel like you can earn a lot and you get a large amount of money in very short duration of time but after some time when you addicted to the  money its goes happen to you that your earning reduces with time which causes a mental pressure to you and you became mentally sick. To recover your time and money you take an action which is quite wrong and then you are in a trouble and get troll by various friends , family and society which is quite harmful for your mentality and you feel down day by day and become a looser after making some money .

Truth behind Network marketing

Network Marketing industry has been for last 30 years in India. And in 2016 government issues guidelines for it and then its becomes fully legal and authorized business. Ministry of Consumer Affairs approved network marketing as a legal source of income.

In early 1990`s when our country was on the verge of an economic collapse, our former finance minister went to USA and he saw there that people seems independent. People of United States was looking so confident and self dependent that  they enjoy their work without caring for their salary. They did not ask for any compensation or any type of additional funds from the Government of United States.

After seeing all these things our finance minister was shocked and asked to the bureaucrats that how its happened, why this is  not happened in India then that bureaucrats answered that they all had their own business and this answer heat the mind of our finance minister and then he asked that how every single man had his own business, how was it possible then he get reply and  that is Direct Selling. The bureaucrats explain the whole policies to the Mr. Finance  Minister and he decided to all this made happen in India .Direct Selling industries have been  working in European countries since 1940.

As India is the largest market, so direct selling companies decided to migrate to India in early 1990`s. Direct selling industry work on the concept of sales in bulk on manufacturing price.This industry make sales through consumer not to consumer that is why this industry is growing day by day. In India direct selling is very secure because as I mentioned above that government of India had already issue the guidelines for it.

Payment in Network Marketing

Network marketing payment is depend on sales. Each and every  sale in your network generate money for you. Network policies may be vary from one company to another company. Like you made a network of 500 people of an unique ID and company decided a commission or compensation of 4% then if any ale is happen by any member of your network either it is ID no. 250th or it is 350th   ,you get you commission/percentage or whatever decided by your company. Network marketing also previous various incentives and rewards to their member.

So anybody can go a long way through it. It have a bright future as if it is done in an appropriate manner. Different companies have different payment policies that many companies paid weekly where many of them paid monthly, its all depend upon the company. So selection of right company is very important otherwise you you have to face a long term lie which makes you very disturbed. You to be select the right one among the various companies , having patience and working with terms and conditions.

 Future in Network Marketing in India

Network marketing promotes  the products of daily uses. And the  policies of payment payment is based on each and every sales. And the fact is that people  everyday purchase a lot of things of their daily uses, so think of that you and your team can sale their product each and everyday and these purchasing have never been stopped because they used these products in their daily life. Today , the population of India is 130 crores and only 4 % of this huge population is involve in this direct selling selling business, so now it is a huge opportunity to be with it and make money happen to your life.

As per the report of  FICCI  and  KPMG in 2018 the direct selling industry had a turn over of 28000 crores but as it is fastest growing industry that the turnover  become 65000 crores. It is the largest growing industry worldwide and in India also, as we  all know that India is the largest market of this time we have a lot of time to become stable in this direct selling industry. This industry holds to make maximum numbers of millionaires and also crowned by the name of  Money Producers.

This industry makes leaders who leads a network consists of people in thousands and lakhs and become a millionaire. Networking provides a passive source of continuous income so can be financially free and become independent of time. In this industry future is very secure that now a day if any body have time, they do not have money to enjoy their time and if one have money, he does not have enough time. So this direct selling can make it happen and if you become sincere and dedicate yourself, you get enough time with more than enough money to enjoy your age.     

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