BBA Environmental Studies Question Paper 2017

BBA Environmental Studies Question Paper 2017

BBA Environmental Studies Question Paper 2017 : – All BBA 1st semester students’s we are provide the study material and question paper of BBA . and in this article you can find few year question paper. BBA Environmental Studies  Previous Year Question Paper 2018 today our t eam presented BBA  Environmental studies  previous year question paper for you practise. and special links related to the bba  Principles of Economics and all subject question paper and study material. we provided mock paper, question paper, simple paper, unsold paper last five year question paper.

BBA Environmental Studies Question Paper 2017
BBA Environmental Studies Question Paper 2017

BE-A. Examination, Dec. 2017
Environmental Studies

                      Time : Three Hours]                                                                         [Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Attempt questions from each section as per instructions.

(Descriptive Answer Questions)

Note : This section contains six question, attempt any three questions. Each question carries 20 marks. Answer must be descriptive.                              (20 x 3 = 60)

l. Define environment. Give the importance of environmental studies in modern age.
2. Discuss the concept and structure of Eco-System.
3. Give the utility of water resources. What are its problems at the present context.
4. What is biodiversity ? Give its importance.
5. What is soil erosion ? Explain the measures of soil erosion.
6. Write an essay on Green House effect.

(Short Answer Questions)

Note : This section contains three questions, attempt any two questions. Each question carries 10 marks. Short answer is required not exceeding 100 words.

7. Write a note on Human Rights in India.
8. Describe the sources of energy  and their importance.
9. Write n detailed note on conservation of forests.

(Very Short Answer Questions)

Note : This question contains five parts, all parts are compulsory. there is no internal choice. The answer of each part should be between 20 to 30 words. Each part carries 4 marks.                    (4 x 5=20)

10. Write short note on the followings :

(i) Acid rain.
(ii) Ozone layer depletion.                                                                                                                                                                      (iii) Aims of health education.
(iv) AIDS.
(v) Wild life conservation

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