BBA 2nd Semester Latest Syllabus

BBA 2nd Semester Latest Syllabus

BBA 2nd Semester Latest Syllabus :- In this post BBA 2nd Semester Latest Syllabus available on this website. and more link like as, BBA Notes Question Paper Mock Paper BBA Latest news BBA all Semester Notes written and Pfd Provide for all students are study on this site BSCNOTES.COM thanks to read the artical.  




Course Content

Business Communication

BBA N 202 Business Communication

Unit I     Meaning and objective of Business communication, Forms of Communication, Communication model and process, Principles of effective Communication

Unit II    Corporate Communication: Formal and informal Communication, Networks, Grapevine, Barriers in communication, Groups discussion, Mock Interviews, Seminars, Individual and Group Presentations

Unit III Essential of effective Business letters, Writing Important Business letters including correspondence with bank and insurance companies.

Unit IV  Oral & Non-verbal communication: Principles of Oral Presentation Factors affecting Presentation, effective Presentation skills, conducting Surveys.

Body Language, Para Language, Effective Listening, Interviewing skill, Writing resume and Letter or application

Unit V   Modern forms of communication, International communication, Cultural sensitiveness and cultural context, Writing and Presenting in international situations.

Suggested Books :

  1. Bapat & Davar          A Text book of Business Correspondence
  2. Bhende D.S               Business Communication
  3. David Berio               The Process of Communication
  4. Gowd & Dixit            Advance Commercial Correspondence
  5. Gurky J.M                  A reader in human communication


Business Environment

BBA N 201           Business Environment

Unit I     Concept, Significance, Components of Business environment, Factor affecting Business Environment, Social Responsibilities of Business.

Unit II    Economic System: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Mixed Economy-Public Sector & Private Sector

Unit III Industrial Policy –its Historical perspective (in brief);  Socioeconomic implications of Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation.

Unit IV Role of Government in Regulation and Development of Business; Monetary and Fiscal Policy; EXIM Policy, FEMA

Unit V    Overview of International Business Environment trends in word Trade : WTO-Objective and role in international trade.

Suggested Readings :

  1. Francis Cherunilum                 Business Environment
  2. Aswathapa                                  Business Environment

Indian Economy

BBA N 203                           Indian Economy

Unit I     Meaning of Economy, Economic growth & development, characteristics of India Economy, Concepts of Human Development, Factors affecting economic development.

Unit II    An overview of Economic Resources of India, Human Resources of India: Concept of Population Explosion, Population policy of India, Problem Of Unemployment in India.

Unit III  Economic planning in India; Planning Commission, Critical evaluation of current Five Year Plan.

Unit IV  Problems and prospects of Indian Agriculture, agriculture development during plan period. Position, Problems and Prospect of Large Scale Indusatries. (lron, Steel, Sugar, Cotton, Textile)

Unit V   Service and Entrepreneurial Sector. Role of Commercial Bank and Financial Institutions, Role of Small scale Industries in Indian Economy.

Suggested Reading:

  1. Kenes J.M.                  General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
  2. Brooman                      Macro Economics
  3. Seth, M..L.                   Monetary Theory
  4. Vaish, M.C.                  Monetary Theory
  5. Singh, S.P.                   Macro Economics


Principles of Accounting

BBA N 204           Principles of Accounting

Unit I     Accounting standards in India, Concept of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) International Accounting Standards, Accounting for Price level changes.

Unit II    Accounting of Non-trading Institutions, Joint Venture An Consignement.

Unit III  Accounting of banking companies and General Insurance companies, Department and Branch account.

Unit IV  Accounts related to hire Purchase and Instalment Payment transactions, Royalty Accounts

Unit V   Partnership Accounts: Final Account, Reconstitiution of Partnership firms- Admission, retirement and death of a partner. Dissolution of Partnership (Excluding insolvency of Partner).

Suggested Readings:

  1. Agarwal, B.D.                 Advanced Accounting
  2. Chawla & Jain                Financial Accounting
  3. Chakrawarti, K.S            Advanced Accounts
  4. Shukla M.B.                     Financial Analysis and Business Forecasting
  5. Jain & Naranag               Advanced Accounts


Organisation Behaviour

BBA N 205 Organisation Behaviour

Unit I     Introduction, Nature and scope of OB, Challenges and opportunities for OB, Organizaiton Goals, Models of OB, Impact of Global and Cultural diversity on OB.

Unit II    Individual Behavior- Individual behavior, Personality, Motivation, Hierarchy of needs theory, Theory X and Y, Motivation-Hygine theory, Vrooms Expectancy theory.

Unit III  Behavior Dynamics : Interpersonal behavior, Communication, Transaction Analysis, The Johari Window, Leadership, Its Theories and Prevailing Leadership styles in Indian Organisation.

Unit IV  Group Behavior : Definition and classification of Groups,Types of Group structures, Group decision making, Teams Vs Groups, Contemporary issues in managing teams, Inter group problems in organizational group dynamics, Management of conflict.

Unit V   Management of Change : Change and Organisational development, Resistance to change Approaches to managing organizational change, Organisational effectiveness, Organisaitonal culture, Power and Politics in Organisaitonal Quality of work life, Recent advances in OB.

Suggested Readings :

  1. Bennis, W.G.                  Organisation Development
  2. Breech Islwar                 Organisation-the frame-Work of Management
  3. Dayal, Keith                    Organisation Development
  4. Sharma R.A.                   Organisation Theory and Behavior
  5. Prasad, L.M                    Organisation Behavior


Business Statistics

BBA N 206                           Business Statistics

Unit I     Statistics: Concept, significance & Limitation Type of Date, Classification & Tabulation, Frequency Distribution & graphical representation.

Unit II    Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Medium, Mode) Measures of Variation: Significance & Prosperities of a good measure of variation:

Unit III  Correlation : Significance of Correlation, Types of correlation, Simple correlation, Scatter Diagram method, kari Pearson Coefficient of Correlation.

Regression : Introduction, Regression Lines, and Regression Equation & Regression coefficient.

Unit IV  Probability : Concept, Events, Addition Law, Conditional Probability, Multiplication Law & Baye’ss theorem [Simple numerical], Probability Distribution: Binomial, Poisson and Normal.

Unit V   Sampling Method of sampling, sampling and Non-sampling errors. Test of Hypothesis, Type- I and Type –II Errors, Large sample tests

Suggested Readings :  

  1. Gupta, S.P.& Gupta, M.P                Business Statistics
  2. Levin, R.L.                                         Statistics for Management
  3. Feud, J.E.                                           Modern Elementary Statistics
  4. Elhance, D.N.                                    Fundamentals of Statistics
  5. Gupta, C.B.                                        Introduction of Stastical Methods


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