BBA 1st Semester All Subject Latest Syllabus

BBA 1st Semester All Subject Latest Syllabus

BBA 1st Semester All Subject Latest Syllabus : In this  post we provide BBA 1st Semester All Subject Latest Syllabus 2018 for all university and BBA Study material notes Question Paper Mock Paper we get more think to viest my web site think to read the artical.

Book keeping and Basic Accounting

 BBA 2nd Semester Syllabus 

Unit I           Meaning of bookkeeping, Process of bookkeeping and accounting, basic terminology of  accounting ,                                subsidiary books of accounts, Difference between accounting & Limitations of accounting, Various user                          of accounting information, Accounting principles, Conventions & concepts.

Unit II          Accounting equation, Dual aspect of accounting, Types of accounting, Rule of Debit & Credit,                                            Preparation of journal and cash book including banking transaction, Ledger and trial balance.

Unit III        Rectification of errors preparation of bank reconciliation statement, Bills of exchange and promissory                            notes.

Unit IV        Valuation of stocks, Accounting treatment of depreciation, Reserve and provision, Preparation of final                           accounting along with adjustment entries.

Unit V         Issue of shares and debentures, Issue of bonus shares and right issue, Redemption of preference shares                         and debentures.

Fundamentals of Management

Unit I           Introduction, Concepts, Objective, Nature Scope and Significance of Management Thought-                                                Contribution Taylor, Weber and Fayol Management.

Unit II          Planning :  Concepts, Objective, Nature, Limitation, Process of Planning, Importance, Forms,                                        Techniques and Process of Decision Making.

Unit III        Organizing : Concepts, Objective, Nature of Organizing, Types of Organizing, Delegation of Authority                          and Responsibilities, Centralization and Decentralization Spam of Control.

Unit IV        Directing : Concept, Principles & Techniques of Direction and Coordination Concept of Leadership-                              Meaning, Importance, Styles, Supervision, Motivation Communication.

Unit V         Controlling : Concept, Principles, Process and Techniques of Controlling, Relationship between                                     Planning and Controlling.


Business Organisation


Unit I           Meaning and Definition of Business Essentials & Scope of Business Classification of Business Activities,                         Meaning, Definition, Characteristics and Objectives of Business Organisation, Evolution of Business                               Organisation Modern Business, Business & Profession.

Unit II         Business Unit, Establishing a new Business Unit. Meaning of Promotion. Features for Business, Plant                             Location, Plant Layout & Size of Business Unit.

Unit III       Forms of Business Organisation. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Joint Stock Companies & Co-                                       operatives.

Unit IV        Business Combination, Meaning, Causes, Objective, Types and forms Mergers, Takeovers and                                            Acquisitions.

Unit V         Business Finance: Financial need of Business methods & Sources of Finance. Security Market, Money                             Market, Study of Stock Exchange &SEBI.


Business Lows

Unit I           Indian Contract Act : Definition and essentials, Contracts agreements, Offer & Acceptance                                           Consideration, Capacity of parties Free Consent, Performance of Contracts, Terminal of Contract,                                     Consequence and Remedies of Contract terminal.

Unit II          Contingent Contract, Implied, Quasi Contract, Indemnity Contract, Guarantee Contract, Bailment,                                  Lien, Pledge Contract, Agency Contract.

Unit III        Sales of Goods Act : Sale contract-Definition, Features, Formation of Contract Contents of Sale                                     contract-Goods, Price, Condition and Warranty, Ownership of goods and transfer, Performance of sale                           contract, Delivery, Rights of unpaid sellers, Auction Sale.

Unit IV        Indian Partnership Act: Definition and Nature of Partnership, Partnership deed Mutual and Third                            parties relation of Partners, Registration of Partnership Dissolution of Partnership.

Unit V         Definition features Types Recognition And Endorsement of Negotiable Instruments.

 BBA 2nd Semester Syllabus 

Environmental Studies

Unit I           The Multidisciplinary Nature of Environment Studies : Definition, scope and importance,                                 need for public awareness.

Unit II          Natural Resources : Renewable and Non-renewable Resources :  Natural resources and                                    associated problems.

  • Forest Resources : Use and over-exploitation, deforestation, case studies, Timber extraction, mining, dams and their effects on forests and tribal people.
  • Water Resources : Use and over-utilization of surface and ground water, floods, drought, conflicts over water, dams-benefits and problems.
  • Mineral Resources : Use and exploitation, environmental effects of extracting and using mineral resources, case studies.
  • Food Resources : World food problems, changes caused by agriculture and overgrazing, effects of modern agriculture, fertilizer-pesticide, problems : water logging, salinity, case studies.
  • Energy Resources : Growing energy needs, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, use of alternate energy sources, case studies.
  • Land Resources : Land as a resource, land degradation, man induced landslides, soil erosion and desertification.

Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources.

Equitable use of resources for sustainable lifestyles.

Unit III          Ecosystems : Concept of an ecosystem. Structure and function of an ecosystem.  Producers,                                            consumers and decomposers, Energy flow in the ecosystem. Ecological succession. Food chins, Food                              webs and ecological pyramids.

Introduction, types, characteristic features, structure and function of the following ecosystem : (a)            Forest ecosystem, (b) Grassland ecosystem, (c) Desert Ecosystem, (d) Aquatic Ecosystems (ponds,            streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, estuaries).

Unit IV          Biodiversity and its Conservation : Introduction, definition : genetic, species and ecosystem                                    diversity Biogeographical  classification of India. Value of biodiversity : Consumptive use, productive                              use, social, ethical aesthetic and option values. Biodiversity at global, National and local levels. India                              as a mega-diversity nation.

Unit V           Environmental Pollution : Definition, causes, effects and control measures of : (a) Air pollution, (b)                                 Water pollution, (c) Soil pollution, (d) Marine Pollution. (e) Noise Pollution, (f) Thermal Pollution, (g)                           Nuclear hazards.

Unit VI          Social Issues and the Environment : From Unsustainable to Sustainable development. Urban                                  problems related to energy. Water conservation, rain water harvesting, watershed management.                                      Resettlement and rehabilitation of people : its problems and concerns. Case studies. Environmental                                Ethics : Issues and possible solutions. Climate change, global warming, acid rain, ozone layer                                            depletion, nuclear accidents and holocaust. Case studies. Wasteland reclamation. Consumerism and                                waste products. Environment Protection Act. Air (Prevention and control of pollution) Act. Water                                    (prevention and control of pollution) Act. Wildlife Protection Act. Forest Conservation Act. Forest                                    Conservation Act. Issues involved in enforcement of environmental legislation. Public awareness.

Unit VII         Human Population and the Environment : Population growth, variation nations, Population                                  explosion : Family welfare programme. Environment and human health. Human rights. Value                                          Education. HIV/AIDS. Women and child welfare. Role of Information Technology in Environment and                          Human health. Case Studies.

Principles of Economics

Unit I             Definition, Nature, Scope &  Limitation of Economics as an art of Science. Relevance of Economics in                             Business Management, Utility analysis, Marginal Theory of utilities and Equi-Marginal theory of                                     utility.

Unit II            Meaning of demand. Demand theory and objectives, Demand analysis. Demand schedule. Demand                                  Curve and Nature of Curves, Laws of Demand Elasticity of Demand Types & Measurement,                                                Indifference curves analysis, Consumer Equilibrium & Consumer Surplus, Price, Income and                                            Substitution effect.

Unit III          Production-Meaning and Analysis Production Function. Laws of production, Laws of increasing                                      returns & Laws of constant returns. Equal Product Curves and Producer equilibrium.

Unit IV          Market analysis-Nature of market, Types of markets and their characteristics pricing under different                               market structures-perfect Monopoly, Oligopoly and Monopolistic completion, Price discrimination                                 under monopoly competition.

Unit V           Theories of factor pricing, factor pricing v/s product pricing. Theories of rent, Theories of interest,                                  Theories of Wages, Theories of profit, Concept of profit maximization.


Business Mathematics

Unit I             Matrix : Introduction, Square matrix, Row matrix, Column matrix, Diagonal matrix, Identity matrix,                            Addition, Subtraction &  Methods of matrix, Use of Matrix in Business mathematical induction.

Unit II            Inverse of matrix, Rank of matrix, Solution to a system of equation by the adjoint matrix methods &                                Gaussian elimination method.

Unit III          Percentage, Ratio and proportion, Average.

                        Mathematical Series : Arithmetic, Geometric & Harmonic, Simple interest & Compound Interest.

Unit IV          Set Theory : Notation of sets, Singleton set, Finite Set, Infinite Set, Equal Set, Null set, Subset,                                        Proper  subset, Universal set, Union of sets, Intersection of sets, Use of set theory in business,                                            permutation & Combination.

Unit V           Concept of differentiation and integration, Maxima and Minima in Differentiation, Application of                                     Differentiation & integration in business (No prod of theorems Etc.)

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BBA 1st Semester All Subject Latest Syllabus

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