BBA 1st sem. Contract Business Low Notes Section A

BBA 1st sem. Contract Business Low Notes Section A

BBA 1st sem. Contract Business Low Notes Section A :-In this post BBA 1st semester Business Low Section-A Very short type Question With answer. question type Contract For sale of goods, Characteristics of a contract of sale, Define the terms of goods, Delivery of goods and more Question with answer in this post. thanx to read the artical.

BBA 1st sem. Contract Business Low Notes Section A
BBA 1st sem. Contract Business Low Notes Section A

Section –A

Q1. What is a contract for sale of goods ?

Ans: Contracts for the sale of goods are subject to the general legal principles applicable to all contracts such as offer and its acceptance, the capacity of the parties, free and real consent, consideration and legality of the subject.Q2. Write the four characteristics of a contract of sale.

Ans: (a) Two parties.

   (b) Goods.

   (c) Price.

   (d) Transfer of general property.


Q3. Define the term ‘goods’.

Ans: According to Sec. 2(7) ‘goods’ means every kind of movable property other than actionable claims and money and includes stocks and shares, growing crops, grass and things attached to or forming part of the land which are agreed to be servered before sale or under the contract of sale.

Q4. Write the four implied condition of contract for sale of goods.

Ans: (a) Condition as to title.

   (b) sale by description.

   (c) Condition as to quality or fitners.

   (d) condition implied by custom.

Q5. Define the term delivery as used in a contract of sale.

Ans : Performance of a contract of sale means as regards the seller, delivery of the goods to the buyer and as regards the buyer acceptance of the delivery of the goods and payment for them in accordance with the term of contract of sale.

Q6. What is meant of Delivery of goods ?

Ans: According to Sec. 33, delivery of goods sold may be made by doing anything which the parties agree shall be treated as delivery or which has the effect of putting the goods in the possession of the buyer or his agent.

Q7. Write the meaning of duration of transit.

Ans: According to Sec. 51, transit is an intermediate stage. Goods are deemed to be course of transit from the time they are delivered to a carrier or other bailee for the purpose of transmission to the buyer. Until the buyer or his agent takes delivery of them such carrier or other bailee.

Q8. What is meant by state commission in consumer protection Act ?

Ans: State commission called ‘State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission’ is established in each state by the State Government by way of notification.

Q9. What is the national commission in consumer protection Act ?

Ans: National commission called ‘National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission’ has been set up by the Central Government by notification. The National commission shall ordinarily function at new delhi and perform its functions at such other place as the central Government may, in consultation with national commission notify in the official gazette, from time to time.

Q10. What are the responsibilities of consumers ?

Ans: Everybody is a consumer. A consumer is the best guard of his interests. He can protect his interests to a considerable extent if he is vigilant and responsible. Consumer is a person who exercises his discretion and awareness at the time of purchase or use.

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